Training and Safety Solutions is part of MTC Australia, which operates Parklea Correctional Centre in Western Sydney on behalf of Corrective Services NSW.

MTC Australia also provides facilities, garrison, transferee arrivals and reception services in Nauru under a contract with the Australian Government.

MTC Australia acquired TSS in 2021 as it is part of Management & Training Corporation, which has a long history of providing vocational training to people from a variety of backgrounds, and MTC Australia was keen to follow that proud tradition locally.

Management & Training Corporation is headquartered in Centerville, Utah and employs more than 8,000 staff internationally.

Worldwide, it operates 22 Job Corps centres, 23 correctional facilities, 12 prison and detention medical departments, four community release centres, six detention centres, two workforce development sites, and two outpatient behavioral health programs – with a mission to help improve people’s lives.

MTC educates and trains more than 20,400 vulnerable young people in its Job Corps centres, which address barriers to employment faced by low-income youth who are often disproportionally impacted by learning disabilities, mental health issues, and a lack of family support.

MTC also provides safe and secure rehabilitation and transition services to more than 22,000 prisoners. This includes providing rehabilitative programs to provide people the opportunity to improve and further develop the literacy, numeracy, and technical and life skills required to find and keep jobs. MTC also delivers industry training to prisoners, tailored to local priorities and with the support of the business community.

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