We offer a variety of vocational courses of varying lengths tailored to inmates’ needs, experience and abilities.

This model was specifically created by TSS for inmates at Parklea Correctional Centre in Western Sydney, which is largely a remand centre. Inmates in remand centres can’t complete long courses, as they may only be in prison for a short time.

Most Registered Training Organisations don’t allow inmates to do part of a course, but the TSS model enables inmates to do one unit of a variety of courses and receive national accreditation for what they complete.

The courses we offer include:

Blue Card
This course teaches the skills required to apply relevant work health and safety and occupational health and safety procedures while working. Covers accredited unit TLIF1001 This course is delivered over one full day.

First Aid
This course teaches the skills to provide a first aid response to a casualty, in line with first aid guidelines from the Australian Resuscitation Council. This includes cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Covers accredited units HLTAIDO11 Provide first aid & HLTAID009. This course is delivered over two days.

Food Safety
This course teaches personal hygiene practices to prevent food contamination that may cause food-born illnesses. It includes procedures to identify and control food hazards. There is a practical component involving preparing sandwiches using learnt food safety practices. Covers accredited unit SITXFSA001 This course is delivered over two days.

Basic Barbering
This course teaches basic hairdressing and barbering skills, including fading, cutting with clippers and styling. This course runs over two days.

Fitness Orientation and Quality Service
This course covers two nationally accredited units, firstly SISFFIT001. It teaches the skills and knowledge required to identify client’s fitness requirements, administer a pre-exercise heath screening and give clients advice on fitness programs. The second unit SISXCC001 covers how to promote programs, respond to client conflict and provide a quality service. This course is delivered over five days.

Anatomy and Physiology
This course teaches the human body structure and physiology required to give exercise programming and fitness advice. This unit covers nationally accredited unit SISFFIT004. This unit is delivered over five days.